A foggy day in La La town 

A foggy day in La La town 

Spent the afternoon long boarding in DTLA to this wondrous track. Was able to hit the Staples Center parking garage, The Last Bookstore, then Pershing Square to kick back and turn some pages. It was a windy one, so occasionally when a big gust hit I could cruise on wind power alone, gliding through the concrete jungle. Scattered errands throughout as well as plenty of good vibrations. 

mad vibes


Dear Tumblr/Soundcloud developers:

With this new update, you really put music blogs in a bind for adding songs from Soundcloud. There are no longer options to change the album artwork or add the titles of the track, artist or album, which is almost always necessary. As if I didn’t have a hard…

Seriously…I paid for a premium account strictly for the aesthetics of the music post and now I have the ugly soundcloud player with no option to add artwork or change the incandescent orange button color. Honestly if this doesn’t fix itself soon I don’t know how much longer I can use my site. 


     Here is Right Kids Wrong World’s interview with the White Arrow’s! It took a while but the project was finally wrapped up late last night and I’m extremely excited to share it with the followers of RKWW. If you enjoy the story please help spread it by reblogging and sharing. The White Arrows have a busy festival season starting with Coachella so be sure to check your lineups to see if they are coming to a festival near you!

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Away Status


Took the day off today, been working on a lot of expansion and what not. RKWW is 8 followers away from it’s first landmark of 100 followers and I’ve got a log of big announcements coming hopefully by the end of the weekend. Just wanted to take a second to say thank you to everyone for the support and kind words over these past 4 months. It’s definitely not easy to just start a website out of thin air, but with a following like this it’s made it a lot easier. 

-The Right Kid

to all my followers who follow me here, RKWW is my secondary blog but it’s basically my primary. There’s a lot more music, news, and fashion to be discovered there!